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My Art Journey

I am a self taught artist who always took refuge in art when stressful. Art is like meditation which is very therapeutic to me. The recent passing of my father ushered me to lose myself in painting. Immersing myself in my works helped me to cope with his loss, each painting held my hand through the journey and allowed me to express myself. As an artist, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art.

I have experience in a range of media, although I have my own particular preferences that I keep coming back to. Soft pastels and oil paints are my favorite media. Once I complete a painting , it gives me a sense of peace which is hard to describe in words. I wish my viewers feel the same when they see my works.  If my style speaks to you, I’d love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more and to discuss how we can collaborate on whatever you have in mind.

In the very short time I started this journey, I am blessed to have a solo exhibition and I participated in a a juried art show. I'm looking forward to explore more avenues and share my love of art with everyone! 

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