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Artist Profile

My Art Journey

I am a multi-disciplinary, self-taught artist from Northern Virginia. Though I practiced art passively my entire life, it wasn’t until the passing of my father where I began to take it seriously. Art is therapeutic to me, being there for me at every turn life has taken. I’m grateful to have it by my side during these moments. Each painting has helped immensely with channeling my emotions into something both productive and beautiful. 


Even though I am skilled in a wide variety of media and subjects, I love coming back to soft pastels and oil paints to capture landscapes. The peace I find in nature is incomparable, and capturing that peace in a physical form brings me immense joy.

Bio: Bio

Born in India and later relocating to the United States in 1999, Sangeetha Mudumbai initially pursued a career in Information Technology until she put it aside to focus on her family. Throughout this time, she pursued art as a hobby, but it wasn’t until 2022 where she decided to dedicate herself to her craft full-time. 


Although drawn to soft pastels and oil paints regularly, Sangeetha has an appreciation for all forms of media, including acrylic, impasto, and watercolors. She also had the privilege of learning various traditional forms of art, such as Tanjore and Cheriyal painting, taught to her by masters. 


Through the years, from pursuing art as a hobby to pursuing it full-time, Sangeetha has taken up many opportunities to showcase her work. Starting in 2016 and 2017, she had the opportunity to showcase her work alongside 40 other artists at a cultural event at a Hindu Temple in Charlotte, NC. From then, she’s donated paintings to schools and religious organizations. Starting in 2022, she’s had her work displayed at exhibitions and shows such as: 

  • October 2022: Capital Arts and Crafts Festival

  • December 2022: Claim to Fame at Gallery Underground

  • February 2023: Focal Point Artists in Middleburg (AiM) VA

  • March 2023: Earthscapes Art Exhibition at Franklin Park Arts Center: 

  • March 2023: Purcellville Town Hall

  • April 2023: Sprint in Piedmont AiM

  • September 2023: Oktoberfest, Middleburg VA


Awards won:

  • Talent Award from Art Show International

  • Merit Award from Teravarna Art Gallery

  • First prize GWTCS Art competition

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